What size is an Oppo tub?

 We have both 475ml and 100ml tubs.

Where is Oppo Stocked?

We’re in 4,500 stores across Europe. You can find your nearest tub here.

 Why Oppo?

Oppo stands for Opposites. Health and indulgence finally unified!

Is Oppo vegetarian?

The answer is yes!

How many grams is 100ml of ice cream?

Approximately 55-60g per 100ml.

What makes Oppo’s Ingredients special?

Oppo is made using fresh milk (from meadow-grazed cows free to roam and eat naturally), cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, stevia leaf, and erythritol (natural sweetener with zero calories and sugars, found in melons and grapes). You can see our full range of flavours here.

How does Oppo contain so few calories?

We've swapped traditional ice cream and dessert ingredients for natural ingredients you normally don’t find in ice cream or desserts. This makes Oppo very low in both sugars and calories. Charlie started creating Oppo without any knowledge of how to make ice cream. Sometimes when you don’t know the rules, it’s easier to break them!

How does Oppo compare to regular desserts?

Here at Oppo, great taste is everything. We set out to create a dessert that is indistinguishable from its traditional version, but now with a difference – In Oppo style, this would be temptation you’d never need to resist.

As a result, we created a cheesecake that’s only 159 calories per pot! An equivalent tasting product from a regular brand is double the calories for the same amount of cheesecake. Plus, our cheesecakes contain a fraction of the sugar. In fact, over 60% less sugar than alternative products on the market.

We also took great care in selecting our ingredients – We sourced the best tasting dairy cream cheese, some seriously flavorsome juices, the finest Sicilian lemon oil and a brilliant Madagascan vanilla Extract. Great tasting ingredients are what makes great tasting products. The proof is in the pudding.

What is stevia leaf?

Stevia is a leaf from South America. Naturally sweet, it contains zero calories and zero sugars (scientists think it evolved to taste sweet as a natural pesticide).

What coconut oil do you use?

Our cold-pressed, wild-harvested virgin coconut oil comes from the raw flesh of the coconut. On many products if you see ‘coconut oil’ written, the oil has been refined, bleached and deodorised (RBD) which means it loses many of its nutritional benefits due to the extra processing and refinement. Even though it’s a lot cheaper than Virgin coconut oil, we’ll never use RBD in Oppo.

Where do you get your milk from?

Our fresh milk comes from a co-operative of farmers, classed as 'Meadow Milk'. This means that the cows are free to roam the meadows for at least 120 days a year. They are grass fed in the summer, and silage (grass and corn) fed in the winter.  The cows and their milk is completely free from hormones and antibiotics. 

Oppo vs normal ice cream?

Depending on flavour, Oppo contains between 50% and 70% fewer calories and sugars than regular ice cream. That’s just 39 calories and 3g of sugars per scoop! (Sugars originating from the milk and fruits).

Is Oppo suitable for diabetics?

We’ve had amazing feedback from diabetics who eat Oppo. Our carbohydrate content is at a reduced level and we use stevia leaf, which is considered safe for diabetics. We recommend diabetics monitor their body’s response when eating Oppo but we're confident that it will make a great addition to their diet.

Is Oppo nut-free?

All of our ice creams are manufactured in a factory which does handle nut & this means we can’t guarantee that our ice cream is nut-free as traces may be present.

Our Salted Caramel, Mint Choc Swirl, Cookie Dough, Raspberry Nipple, Speculoos Crunch and Madagascan Vanilla flavours are free of containing nuts. Our Chocolate & Hazelnut and Vanilla Pecan Praline tubs contains nut pieces, as do our Madagascan Vanilla & Roasted Almond sticks.