Available in 100ml and 475ml tubs

Vanilla Ice Cream

Not your standard vanilla. Charlie felt the nation's favourite flavour needed a boost! 

Madagascan vanilla pods combined with the African baobab fruit (from the ancient 'tree of life') create a thick, creamy, deliciously indulgent vanilla ice cream without a high fat content.

Baobab pulp is sweet with a slight tang - somewhere between a caramelised pear and a grapefruit. The high fibre content in baobab makes our Madagascan vanilla flavour creamy... without the cream. The fruit is also a rich source of Vitamin C, potassium, and contains more antioxidants than any other fruit. 

With Oppo, there's no need to be vanilla.

Nutrition - 100ml (2 scoops)
Energy: 309 kJ (74kcal) / Fat: 3.8g (of which saturates: 2.8g) / Carbohydrate: 6.2g (of which sugars: 5.2g) / Protein: 3.2g / Salt: 0.1g