We’re two brothers (Harry & Charlie) who decided to break a record for the longest distance travelled by kite power on land, in Brazil. The buggies we used had no brakes and we had about two hours of kite experience between us.

Oppo Ice Cream

It was like learning to swim by crossing the channel. We often had to drag our buggies over 30 miles through mangrove swamps, and subsequently ran out of food. This meant foraging for wild fruit and coconuts along the Brazilian coastline. These tasted
amazing, and were nutritious too. That was the lightbulb moment. Why couldn’t all food be like that? Wouldn’t it be good if everyone could indulge in sweet treats, without compromising their health?

1,000km later, we made it!

On our return, Charlie immediately got into the kitchen and didn’t leave it for two years (except to sleep on Harry’s sofa). The goal? Healthy ice cream. In other words, temptation you never need to resist.


Charlie swapped his job for the kitchen...permanently.

Charlie Thullier Oppo Ice Cream


Following 2 years of research and many ‘head in hands’ moments, the recipe was ready. Fresh milk from meadow-grazed cows, Stevia leaf. Wild harvested virgin coconut oil. A fraction of the calories and sugar found in regular ice cream. Health and indulgence had collided. Opposites had attracted.


Oppo was ready to bring #GoodTemptation to the nation. We launched into 117 Waitrose stores. 


Harry & Charlie Thuillier Waitrose

Oppo fans got a piece of the action. After launching on Seedrs, Oppo became the fastest food and drink company to reach target through crowdfunding. The Guardian named Oppo their start-up of the year, and we launched into Holland & Barrett as well as cinemas, offices and gyms. Charlie went to Milan with the Prime Minister to showcase the best of British innovation. The Italians have high standards for ice cream, and Prime Minister Renzi enjoyed his scoop.


140,000 people tasted Oppo, and Tennis Champion Andy Murray invested in our ice cream dream!  Most importantly though, we won a Great Taste Award and got approval to call Oppo healthy with an EU health claim (“Consumption of foods/drinks containing erythritol and steviol glycosides instead of sugar induces a lower blood glucose rise after their consumption compared to sugar-containing foods/drinks”). Health and taste now officially existed in one sweet spot.

Oppo Ice Cream UK Takeover


We created a brand new flavour – Colombian Chocolate and Hazelnut. We launched into Ireland and The Netherlands.  On the home turf, we arrived in Sainsbury’s and ASDA. What a year!


So far Denmark, Germany and Belgium, Serbia, Finland and Luxembourg have joined the Oppo family, and we’ve got lots more launches up our sleeves, including these.