Let us pay for your dream to do good.

As life’s been tough recently, we want to start the new year with something to make us all feel special. Our mission at Oppo is to create feel good indulgence that's better for health and planet. We believe there are few things more important than making us and the people around us happy. Therefore this January...

We're giving away £1,000 every week to help you be good to yourself (or others) this year!

Here's a message from our founders Harry & Charlie to explain more...

So, use £1,000 to upgrade your me-time moment, like taking those music lessons you’ve always wanted, starting horse riding or to set up your side hustle. Or you could use it to start a school breakfast club, build a nature garden, or plant trees. Let us pay for your dream to do good. 
To get your chance to win £1,000 every week this January, tell us your idea of how you’d use it to do good.


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