Oppo 475ml Speculoos Crunch.png

Speculoos Crunch ice cream

Available in 475ml tubs

The idea to make a Speculoos flavour was born when Charlie, co-founder of Oppo, got a Speculoos biscuit with his espresso during a visit to Amsterdam and immediately loved the delicious taste. The end result is a mix of subtly spiced cinnamon ice cream with crunchy pieces of real Speculoos biscuits. At 199 calories per half tub, we promise this is temptation you never need to resist.

Available at Albert Heijn stores in The Netherlands.


Nutrition - 100ml (2 scoops)
Energy: 351kJ (84kcal) / Fat: 4.1g (of which saturates: 3.6g) / Carbohydrate: 9.5g (of which sugars: 2.5g, of which polyols: 6.7g) / Protein: 2.8g / Salt: 0.1g .