Vanilla Pecan Praline ice cream

Available in 475ml tubs

We love hearing from you with new flavour suggestions and after lots of interest in a pecan flavour, we decided to give it a go! A few recipes later and we think it’s just right. We can’t wait for you to try it.

Introducing Vanilla Pecan Praline.

Deliciously creamy Vanilla ice cream swirled with a smooth caramel sauce and crunchy caramelised pecan pieces. Even better news, it's only 198 calories per half tub! Get your tubs from Ocado today!

Nutrition - 100ml (2 scoops)
Energy: 345kJ (83kcal) / Fat: 4.2g (of which saturates: 2.4g) / Carbohydrate: 9.8g (of which sugars: 6.9g, of which polyols: 2.4g) / Protein: 2.5g / Salt: 0.1g.

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