News: Oppo Brothers Donates 2,500 Tubs Of Ice Cream This Christmas


Our mission here at Oppo Brothers is to make the world feel good through our great-tasting, lower calorie ice cream.

At this time of year we think it's especially important to do some good in the community and bring some feel good to those who need it the most.

This December, we're proud to have donated 2,500 tubs of our brand new Cookies & Cream ice cream to some incredible organisations across the UK to help brighten days and lift spirits over the festive season.

These organisations include CrisisCommonside Community Development Trust, The Big Difference at Above Bar Church, Solace, various care homes and more!

We'd like to take the opportunity to spotlight some of the wonderful work these organisations are doing for such important causes so please do keep reading and carry on scrolling.


Crisis is the national charity for people who are homeless.  They help people directly out of homelessness and campaign for the political commitment and social changes needed to solve it altogether as no one should be homeless and alone.

Every year, Crisis works side-by-side with thousands of homeless people at 11 Skylight centres across the UK.  These centres help people leave homelessness behind for good through education and training, as well as support with housing, employment and health and wellbeing.

We're proud to be supporting Crisis this Christmas by providing a freezer to one of their Skylight centres and filling it to the brim with ice cream for those who are facing homelessness to enjoy.


The Commonside Community Development Trust is an organisation creating a better future for ourselves, our families and our communities.

The team at Commonside work to improve the lives and environment of people living in Merton through managing a community centre, running community events and a number of community development programmes. 

Pictured above is the lovely Tina, tucking into a tub of ice cream at one of the organisation's lunch clubs.


The Big Difference is a food redistribution project serving the community of Southampton, based at Above Bar Church in Woolston.  They work with charities and community groups in Southampton to help struggling families and the vulnerable who are facing food poverty.

In total, The Big Difference has given out 4111 food parcels, 720 homeless packed lunches on the street and 39630 frozen meals, and are currently feeding an estimated 250 people per week.  The value of the food distributed so far comes to an astonishing £222,450 (as of December 2020).

We've proudly donated 1,500 tubs of ice cream this December for those in Southampton who need a sweet treat the most this Christmas.


For more than 40 years, Solace has supported women and children in London to build safe and strong lives.  Futures free from male abuse and violence.  They find creative and innovative ways to support thousands of women and children each year.

It is reported that 1 in 3 women will experience abuse in their lifetime and so far Solace has worked with 27,414 women & children across their services and runs 22 refuges across London.

We are proud to stand with them to end violence / abuse now and have donated ice cream tubs to be distributed amongst 3 of their refuges.


If you would like to help these organisations in any way whether it be donations, volunteering etc. please click on their links below:

Commonside Community Development Trust -

Crisis At

The Big Difference At Above Bar Church

Solace Women's Aid -

Lastly, if you work for a charitable organisation that would be interested in receiving ice cream donations (and has the freezer space to accommodate) then please do pop an email to and we will be in touch shortly.

Thank you!


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