Oppo Brothers Ice Cream Frequently Asked Questions

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Please be aware that we are accepting all valid claims until 24th August 2021, not 2020 as was printed on some stickers. To make your claim simply go to www.oppobrothers.com/MBG. For any other enquires regarding the promotion please email info@oppobrothersmbg.co.uk


I haven't received an order confirmation.

  • Please check your junk email for a confirmation, unfortunately emails from us are often filtered there.
  • Contact delivered@oppobrothers.co.uk and we can try and find it for you.


When should I expect my box to arrive?

  • We use DPD to deliver your Oppo goodies on Tuesday-Friday every week. 
  • You will receive an email the night before delivery and a text on the day of delivery with an estimated time of arrival.
  • If you are not in, the courier will leave your box in a safe place or with a neighbour as we have instructed them not to return any boxes.
  • If you have ordered a Gift Box with vouchers this will take 3-5 days to be delivered.


How do you keep the ice cream frozen?

  • We pack every order in dry ice which will keep the ice cream frozen for up to 30 hours in an unopened box. The insulation is made from off cuts of denim, taken from clothes manufacturers and re-used. This is more environmentally friendly and extremely efficient.


    What if I’m not in when the package is delivered?

    • You don't need to be in to receive the box - in fact most of our customers aren't. Everything will be kept fresh and your box left in your designated safe place. 
    • You may track the progress of your parcels journey using the handy street map which shows the proximity of the parcel to your delivery address. You will also given a one hour time slot and the name of the delivery driver keeping you informed and up to date.
    • DPD will deliver between 7am-5:30pm.


      Where do you deliver?

      • We deliver all across the UK, however certain parts of the Scottish Highlands are outside the 24 hour courier network therefore unfortunately we are unable to deliver there.
      • We currently do not deliver to Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.


        One of my products has been substituted.

        • Occasionally we will swap out one of your products if they have been more popular than expected. Don't worry, we will swap the product with a flavour that tastes great and is as similar to your selection as possible


        Is dry ice safe and how should I dispose of it?

        • Dry ice is perfectly safe. It’s simply frozen carbon dioxide compacted into a brick that gently sublimates over time. There will likely be some dry ice left in the box when you open it, so remove the ice cream and place into your freezer, then leave the remaining dry ice to sublimate (evaporate) in a well vented area before disposing of the box in the recycling. Do not touch the dry ice directly as it can cause ice burn.


          There’s a problem with my delivery.

          • We’re really sorry if you’ve experienced a problem with your delivery - it’s totally our responsibility to get your box of incredible ice cream delivered to your doorstep exactly the way it should!
          • In the unlikely event that your delivery has arrived the day after you were expecting it, or the ice cream is not frozen when it arrives with you, please send us a photo of the issue and dispose of the box. As ice cream cannot be re-frozen after it has thawed I’m afraid your Oppo will no longer be suitable for consumption. We will, of course, send you a fresh batch of Oppo as soon as possible.


          Are your products suitable for vegetarians?

          • Yes - all of our products are suitable for vegetarians to enjoy. We also have two vegan products available. Simply the Zest and Very Almondberry!
          Raspberry Nipple. Is this a typo?
          • Our Raspberry Nipple flavour is in collaboration with the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! 10p from every tub sold goes to support their incredible work.

          Is Oppo suitable for diabetics?

          • We’ve had amazing feedback from diabetics who eat Oppo. Our carbohydrate content is at a reduced level and we use stevia leaf, which is considered safe for diabetics. We recommend diabetics monitor their body’s response when eating Oppo but we're confident that it will make a great addition to their diet.

          Are your products dairy-free?

          • We have just launched our first non-dairy / vegan ice creams, 'Simply The Zest' and 'Very Almondberry' - these ice creams are made without dairy ingredients but they're made in a factory where dairy ice cream is made, so although we take extra special care to ensure that there is no dairy in our tubs they may still contain traces.
          Are your products gluten-free?
          • Our Caramel Chocolate Crunch and Speculoos Crunch flavours both contain delicious biscuit pieces that contain wheat (gluten). All of our other products are made using ingredients that do not contain gluten, but may still contain traces.
          Do your products contain nuts?
          • Our factory does not currently produce any products containing peanuts, so we do not have peanuts as a 'may contain' allergen on any of our packs. However, we do use tree nuts in our products and others in the factory (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds etc) - please check the nutritional information / ingredients listed against each of our products.



          Profit Donation

          • Oppo donates 10% of profit from Oppo Delivered to the NHS as a thank you for the continued work they do in keeping the UK healthy.

          Do you offer NHS discounts?

          • Unfortunately, we aren’t offering discounts for NHS staff at the moment but we will be using any profit from our deliveries to send ice cream out to NHS staff at hospitals all around the UK.

          I have noticed Oppo is a bit more expensive on this website than in the supermarkets. Why is that?

          • Delivering ice cream is an expensive business, much more so than regular deliveries you'll be used to receiving. Packing tubs into boxes inside a very big freezer, the cost of dry ice, insulation, and super secure packaging all add up.  We’ve tried to keep these costs to a minimum though to make the end price as reasonable as possible.


          Can I order this service as a gift?

          • Absolutely! But please let the recipient know so they expect to the package and nominate a safe place in case they are not in. The ice cream can be kept frozen in the unopened box until 8pm on the day of delivery.


          What the minimum order?

          • We have a minimum order of 4 tubs and currently have a maximum of 12 tubs. If you order more than 6 you get free delivery.


          Do you accept cash on delivery?

          • We do not accept cash. We do however accept all major credit and debit cards.


          Is your eCommerce website secure?

          • We use Shopify to run our eCommerce service – one of the world’s leading, fully secure, GDPR-compliant online ordering and credit card processing sites.



            If the answers above don't help you, please email us at delivered@oppobrothers.co.uk.