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Welcome to our award-winning range of feel good frozen treats. From ice cream and sticks to snacking balls and brand new Oppo Dipped. Try some feel good indulgence today!

Oppo Brothers offer award winning tasty ice creams with the added bonus of them being healthier. Our flavours offer up to 60% lower calories than standard ice cream without compromising on taste. As they are also lower in sugar you can be happy indulging into that cool tub of ice cream after a hard day.

Whether it’s our tub of decadent Double Chocolate Brownie or our scrumptious Salted Caramel ice cream stick, each ice cream recipe uses only the highest quality ingredients. 

All of our fresh milk comes from local meadow grazed cows. Our hero ingredients have travelled from all over the world. These include Madagascan vanilla seeds, Cinnamon sticks from the jungles of Sumatra, Colombian Cacao Fino de Aroma and the Peruvian Lucuma Fruit known as the 'gold of the incas'.

Only the best will do when making our ice cream which makes it taste sensational! 

Don’t just take our word for it, the experts think so too as many of our ice creams have won Great Taste and Healthy Food and Drink Awards. 

By incorporating natural ethically sourced ingredients our flavour combinations provide you with the ultimate frozen treat to enjoy whatever the weather.

With combinations including creamy vanilla ice cream, crunchy buttery biscuits, rich cocoa swirls & mouth-watering Belgian chocolate there is something for everyone. 

We are proud of our flavours and confident you'll love them too. Creamy, smooth and deeply satisfying...just how ice cream should be!

Non-Dairy Alternatives
If you prefer a more plant based, non-dairy option don't forget our Vegan Double Salted Caramel tub. 

The Oppo Ethos
Our goal has always been to make healthy decadent ice cream, but without loads of sugar and calories. To make this possible we believe it is important to do right by the people as well as well as the environment. That is why we believe in sustainability through all aspects of our production is key. We have ensured all of our tubs are made out of paper from sustainably managed forests and can now be widely recycled.

Oppo Ice Cream - Famous for flavour, not calories!

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