Our ice cream tubs are available in 12 indulgent flavours. Each tub is 475ml, making them the perfect size to share or have all to yourself.

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Welcome to our award-winning range of feel good frozen treats. From ice cream and sticks to snacking balls and brand new Oppo Dipped. Try some feel good indulgence today!

About our tubs

All of our ice cream flavours are made from the world’s highest quality ingredients making a tasty treat with every spoonful. Just because they are lower in sugar, doesn’t mean they are lower in flavour. In fact we pride ourselves on the fact that choosing the healthier option doesn't mean you have to compromise on taste.

How can our Ice Cream tubs be healthy?

As you know all our ice cream is lower sugar and lower calorie. If you also take a look at the other ingredients a lot of these have their own potential health benefits too.

In general, healthy ice cream contains a variety of minerals. Our dairy products contain Calcium which has been known to aid weight loss as well as keeping your bones and teeth strong. Plus, all of our dairy ice cream tubs are a source of Protein which helps feed your muscles. 

So if you have just come back from the gym or just finished a nice lean meal, there is no reason why you still can't sit down and enjoy a tub...or two!

Ice cream whatever the weather!

Whether it’s during the peak of the summer heat or the depth of winter ice cream should always be there to enjoy. 

When the sun is at its highest, reaching out for flavours such as Very AlmondBerry or Madagascan Vanilla are a must to help cool you down. Yet when the nights are drawing in and there’s a chill in the air the need for a richer, smoother flavour takes over. Our tubs of Double Salted Caramel, Columbian Chocolate & Hazelnut or even our Cinnamon Crunch are the perfect accompaniment. 

Sometimes on a chilly evening there is nothing better than snuggling under a blanket on your sofa with a big spoon and a tub of your favourite tub of ice cream. 

And now you don't even need to leave the house to get Oppo ice cream as we can deliver direct to your door with Oppo Delivered. Fill your freezer full of your favourite tubs or sticks to make sure you've always got a healthy treat within arm's reach

Your perfect setting, your perfect flavour. One amazing ice cream eating experience!

The Oppo Ethos

Our goal has always been to make healthy decadent ice cream, but without loads of sugar and calories. To make this possible we believe it is important to do right by the people as well as well as the environment. That is why we believe in sustainability through all aspects of our production is key. We have ensured all of our tubs are made out of paper from sustainably managed forests and our tubs are widely recycled.

Oppo Ice Cream - Famous for flavour, not calories!

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