Temptation you never need to resist.

Ever find your heart and head wanting opposite things? Us too. Weโ€™re two brothers who made it our mission to create temptation you never need to resist.

The result: a decadent range of Ice Cream and Puds full of flavour and good-quality ingredients, without high-levels of sugar and calories. Oppo is made with fresh milk from meadow-grazed cows free to roam and eat naturally. 

Enjoy some #GoodTemptation.


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Grazia Magazine
I donโ€™t tend to bother with the clean eating fad, but this rocksโ€ฆ I will be coming back to these all summer long!
— John Gregory-Smith
The Guardian
Hope for the health-conscious sugar-free ice-cream even gym bunnies will eat
— Eleanor Ross
Oppo ice cream is supercharged
— Calgary Avansino

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