Indulge in some summer reading with your favourite ice cream

There's nothing more relaxing than enjoying a new book with a few scoops of ice cream in the sunshine. And we're all about flavour that makes you feel good. So for lots of wholesome summer me-time, we've teamed up with our friends at Pan Macmillan book publishers to give away a bundle of books and ice cream.  Simply enter your details here to win six of the hottest new titles along with six of our coolest flavours (see what we did there).

Now, we wouldn't recommend anything we wouldn't try ourselves. So the Oppo team have given each book a read and paired it with the best accompanying flavour. 

 Christye, Marketing

"Single, Bald Female is the type of book that will stay with you for a while. It's so  emotional and moving, it really touches you and is a beautiful story of friendship. It also has it's honest and funny moments at the same time. Best enjoyed with comforting Cookies & Cream."


Georgina, Operations

"This charming novel set at a women's magazine during WW2 made for a thoroughly joyous and heart-warming read, filled with moments of delight much like my favourite Oppo flavour Strawberry Cheesecake. The perfect pairing for your summer staycation! "


Megan, Product

"Found myself completely drawn into the lives of all the characters. Brilliantly written and ties up nicely at the end. Love finding a book you can't put down and this was one of those books. Works well with a tub of Oppo Double chocolate brownie ice cream, I can never put that down either !"


Hannah, Marketing

"Just like my Caramel Cookie ice cream tub, I couldn’t put this book down during my lunch breaks! The title ‘The Love Of My Life’ led me to believe it would be a standard love story but oh how wrong I was! Suspense, mystery and thrills were had with every page and similar to Caramel Cookie delivering highly on flavour, this book delivered highly on keeping you gripped! 100% recommend both the ice cream and book!"


Sally, Product & Operations

"Schools out for summer! And I finally get the time to unwind with a good book and tub of Oppo, whilst my kids play (or attempt to throw each other in the pool!). Just like Oppo Double Salted Caramel, The Golden Couple is elegant and satisfying from the first page, with a delicious rewarding twist running right through the middle of the plot. A perfect holiday read!"


Trinity, Finance 

"Eva Carter has done it again! Owner Of A Lonely Heart is full of heart warming moments, and should only be put down if you are picking up a tub of Vanilla Caramel Brownie to enjoy with it!"