Sustainability: Sustainability In Action

At Oppo Brothers, our mission is to make the world FEEL GOOD.

A core part of this is our commitment means behaving in a sustainable way and at Oppo Brothers we like to take an open approach to this using all aspects of our business as a force for good.  We aren’t perfect but we do make a conscious effort to minimise our impact on the environment and do our bit to make the world a nicer place - we see this as being a process of constant improvement and not just a one-off project.  We have a long way to go, but every day we are closer to achieving our sustainability goals.

We already have a number of initiatives that we’ve been working on to achieve this:

LOCALLY PRODUCED FRESH MILK - our milk is produced by meadow-grazed cows located only 10km away from our creamery.  The cows graze in meadows for the majority of the year (weather permitting) which we believe makes for better quality milk and better tasting ice cream.  The small dairy farm we work with employs circular farming methods meaning that waste from the cows is sequestered back into the farmland and nearby forests as natural fertiliser. 

LOW ENERGY HEAD OFFICE - our Head Office in London is located in The Food Exchange, an exciting new low energy building for food entrepreneurs.  It’s in fact one of the top buildings for energy efficiency in London.

REDUCING EMISSIONS, INCREASING WELLBEING - most of our team run, walk or cycle into the office where possible to minimise our impact and stay healthy too - our flexible working culture means putting our team’s wellbeing at its heart so that we’re all happy, healthy and ready to making the world’s best ice cream.

MAXIMUM INDULGENCE, MINIMUM CALORIES - creating indulgent ice cream that doesn’t compromise your health is at the very heart of what we do and we are passionate about creating products that benefit the health of society.  So far, we’ve saved our customers 5.3B calories and 424M grams of sugar.  Ensuring people are healthy today and in the future is an important part of sustainability for us.

GREEN ENERGY FACTORIES - some of our factories (packaging) use solar energy as a contributing source of power generated on site

ETHICAL SOURCING - we ethically source our Colombian fina de aroma cocoa from cocoa cooperatives where profits are re-invested back into the farming communities to educate on sustainable farming methods 

MORE SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING - you might have noticed that we’ve removed gold foil from our packaging.  Back in 2019 when we performed an analysis of our carbon impact we were surprised at just how much heat is needed to apply gold foil onto packaging.  What’s worse is the fact that gold foil on paper is actually very difficult to recycle too so we knew we needed to do something about it.  In 2020 we launched our new look tubs with no gold foil - a much more sustainable choice.

MINIMISING WASTE - where possible we will always try to minimise wastage when it comes to our ingredients including, but not exclusive to packaging which is why sometimes you’ll see something a little different from what you might be used to at the shelf.  We don’t believe in throwing any packaging away.

TREE PLANTING FOR OUR PACKAGING - in line with this new trees are planted for every tree we use to produce our packaging and all the paper comes from PEFC certified sustainable forests.

TREE PLANTING FOR SOCIAL CHANGE & RESTORATION - in 2021 we will go one better and also start a tree planting initiative in collaboration with the TreeSisters organisation.  Together we will plant The Oppo Brothers Forest so that every tub that’s sold goes to contribute to making a difference to the lives of the women that plant them, the communities within which they live and have a positive impact on the planet too.

B CORP - as part of our commitment to the planet, we are on the way to becoming B Corp certified and hope this will happen in 2021.

SHARE IT, DON’T THROW IT - we never throw perfectly good ice cream away when it can’t be sold in the shops any more - we always give ice cream away that’s still within its shelf life to someone whose day would benefit - from homeless charities to food banks to the elderly - we like to spread the feel good whenever we can.


We like to think that our approach to sustainability benefits not only our customers but also our team and the broader world in many different ways.


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