Recipe: Bûche Glacée With Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

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To kick things off, we have a show-stopping Bûche Glacée - layers of fluffy sponge cake, Colombian Chocolate & Hazelnut and Double Salted Caramel ice creams finished with meringue. 

This dessert not only looks fantastic but is actually super easy to make - trust us.

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Oppo's Bûche Glacée



  • Piping bag
  • Rectangular cake (baked or not)
  • Stand mixer for meringue
  • Chef's blowtorch (for the ultimate rustic look)
  • Foil
  • Cake tin




  1. Cut the rectangular cake into three slices horizontally.
  2. Place a layer of cling film in the cake tin.
  3. Put the first cut slice of cake at the bottom of the tin.
  4. Cover this slice with a layer of Oppo Vanilla Pecan Praline ice cream. We recommend to let the tubs soften for 15 minutes for prime scooping temperature.
  5. Place a second slice of cake in the tin over the ice cream layer.
  6. Cover this slice with a layer of Oppo Colombian Chocolate & Hazelnut ice cream.
  7. Cut off the edges of the third slice of cake so that it is smaller than the other two slices.
  8. Put this slice in the mold and press a little.
  9. Brush this last slice with a layer of Oppo Double Salted Caramel ice cream.
  10. Break up the Speculoos biscuits into pieces and push into the last layer of ice cream.
  11. Cover the cling film over and press gently.
  12. Put this in the freezer for an hour.
  13. Before serving, beat the 4 egg whites, sweetener and corn flour to create a meringue and spoon into a piping bag.
  14. Remove the ice cream cake from the tin using the cling film edges and cover it with the meringue.
  15. Use a burner to ensure that the meringue has a nice brown color - please be careful!
  16. Finish with cranberries.
  17. Then, most importantly, enjoy your #GoodTemptation

Love, Team Oppo x

Recipe & Imagery - Jelena Fairweather @into.trends