News: Feel Good Flavour

We’d argue that there are only two things that actually matter in life. 1) Are you and others around you happy, and 2) Being kind to others (because making someone else’s life that bit better through always being kind is pretty cool, plus being kind gives the giver and receiver an oxytocin hit - the ‘feel good’ hormone).  

Or put simply, the only thing that actually matters is feeling good. 

Of course there is: 

  1. Temporary pleasure, ‘in the moment’ happiness that then subsides as reality sets in. For example, the type of instant feel-good feeling that food, drink, or seeing friends can bring.
  2. Deep down, long-lasting fulfilment and intrinsic contentment. Actual innate happiness.

 Of course the latter is more meaningful than the former. Although in modern society we love a quick fix (whether that be seeking social media likes, a spot of retail therapy, reaching for a glass of wine or a tub of ice cream). We so often resort to temporary pleasure as a default without tackling the larger goal of are we actually happy, and if not then finding a long term solution.  

Mo Gaudat (the pioneer of ‘1 billion happy’) believes that every child is born with the default setting of happy. However we gradually focus on the wrong things, causing us to become unhappy over time. If we click reset and strip all of the modern day paraphernalia back and focus on what actually matters, we can find it easier to reach true happiness.

Throughout our lives we are pushed towards societal understanding of success, without first defining what success is – for us as individuals.

No mention of happiness, fulfilment or feeling good. We chase ‘growth’ almost without definition, which is great, but often get confused as to the direction we want to grow in. The ‘rat-race’ is exactly as it sounds. It’s exhausting, ultimately unpleasant, and many people find they run the race with no enjoyment of the race itself or indeed any active belief that they will or won’t enjoy the finish line (whether that be the weekend, the next holiday, or ultimately retirement). What about a focus on being happy throughout, instead? 

 Mo defines happiness as: “greater than or equal to your perception of the events of your life, less your expectations of how life should behave”. 

He describes the equation as the way we think about the events of our life and compare them to realistic expectations is what makes us happy or unhappy. 

 So if you don’t feel you already have this, dig down and be very clear with yourselves on what breeds satisfaction, internal gratification and ultimately, makes us happy and feeling fulfilled. But how? One method some use is to project yourself to being 80 years old, and looking back on your life or a set decision and trying to minimise the number of regrets you have – or indeed ask what advice you’d give your grandchildren (then give it to yourself!). It’s a huge process to look within and find what makes you happy, but this is a responsibility we all have to ourselves and those close around us. If we are happy, that rubs off on our family and friends. So don’t do it for yourself, do it for them. 

 Oppo’s mission is to create feel good ice cream that’s good for health and planet.

We believe a business that works to enhance the lives of others is a business worth working for. We want to make people feel good. Whether that be from eating Oppo, to the good we do as a business. Our ice cream tastes good, is comforting and healthier, and we manage our supply chain very carefully to have as positive an impact on our suppliers and the environment as possible. We're also aiming to be carbon neutral by the end of 2022 through careful management of our emissions and planting 60,000 trees; we support many charitable initiatives from cocoa plantations in Colombia; and we donate thousands of tubs to charities, nursing homes and schools across the UK. We have also removed 5.5 billion calories from consumers diets since we launched based on consumers eating Oppo vs another traditional ice cream, and so on. 

 But we are always looking for more that we can do. Through lockdown many people had a lot of time to think, and have uncovered dreams or desires they have that they now want to explore. We might be back in lockdown periodically, but it seems we will have to learn to live with that, and adapt. 

 At Oppo we want to start the new year with something to make us all feel special. So this January, we’re giving away £1,000* every week to help you be good to yourself (or others) this year.  

We are calling on the nation to explore lockdown dreams that would make you ‘feel good’, and to tell us about them by entering here.

Every week, we will pick the entries that we feel are the most authentic, worthy and need our help to be realised, and will do our best to help make it happen. Use £1,000 to upgrade your me-time moment, like taking those music lessons you’ve always wanted, starting horse riding again or to set up your side hustle. Or you could use it to help others – start a school breakfast club, build a nature garden, or plant trees. Or it might not be about money at all and you might want an internship at a food business, or a mentoring session with one of the team to discuss your passion in supply chain / marketing etc.  

 To get your chance to win £1,000 every week, tell us your idea of how you’d use it to do good.