Feel Good Fund Winners!

At the start of 2022, we offered the chance to win £1,000 every week to someone who would do good for themselves or others. The response was amazing - we had hundreds of people with ideas for supporting their communities, starting businesses and helping charities.

We have now chosen our four winners and the 'Feel Good Fund' has been used to make even more people feel good. Here is our round up of how the Feel Good Fund is being used...

Daisy's project to improve diabetes care for kids in Botswana

Daisy has type 1 diabetes and is raising money on behalf of Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust for the type 1 diabetic children in Botswana. Access to diabetes education and care in Botswana is very limited, so this £1,000 will support the running of an education camp and fund life-saving equipment such as insulin and blood sugar testing strips. To donate to Daisy's cause, please head to justgiving.com/fundraising/Daisy-Jones6

See her reaction to winning here:

Funding 1,400 hot meals for the homeless via Chloe at The Norwich Soup Movement

Our second winner Chloe co-runs the @norwichsoupmovement & Universal Edit, a street soup kitchen and non-referral foodbank based in Norwich. Her team of volunteer chefs serve home-cooked meals for the homeless, poor and vulnerable, mostly funded from their own pockets. The £1,000 will go towards making sure everyone is well fed, and has basic essentials such as sleeping bags and toothpaste. If you'd like to find out more and contribute yourself, head to facebook.com/soupysalvation 

See Chloe's reaction to winning here:

Jay's jewellery business/social enterprise, making jewellery for women that can’t afford it 

Jay will start her hobby-turned-business called Hester & Hope specialising in female-led silversmithing. She will make unique, handmade silver jewellery with a twist, such as incorporating handwriting, the ashes of loved ones or family pets, or cast to include the pattern of sand from a special beach. Those who can afford it, buy it and those who can’t, can apply to have their jewellery gifted for free. This prize money will go towards start-up equipment such as soldering and polishing tools, and sterling silver. To find out more, follow her on Instagram @hesterandhope

See Jay's reaction to winning here:

Twelve underprivileged families will take sign language courses

Laura runs baby sign and toddler talking classes to aid and improve communication between young children and their parents. She has always said she wishes she could run these classes for free for those who cannot afford them. Our prize money will now help support 12 families to attend Laura’s classes for free! To find out more, check out her Instagram @tinytalk_nottinghamwest