News, Sustainability, & Recipes

  • Team Oppo Help Redistribute Surplus Food With City Harvest London

    This month, half the Oppo team headed to one of the City Harvest warehouses in Acton, West London, for the day to offer a helping hand to the many volunteers and staff working together for a sustainable solution to surplus food & food poverty. Click to find out more!
  • Oppo Brothers Ice Cream Wins 4 More Great Taste Awards This Year!

    We are delighted to share the news that this year we have won 4 MORE Great Taste Awards! Further proof that when it comes to health, you don't have to compromise on taste or indulgence. Click to read more and see the wonderful comments our winners received from the independent winners!
  • News: Introducing The Women Of Oppo - IWD 2022

    This International Women's Day, we're spotlighting the incredible women of Oppo who are all playing a vital role in the growth of our business. Read more here!
  • News: Feel Good Flavour

    We’d argue that there are only two things that actually matter in life. 1) Are you and others around you happy, and 2) Being kind to others (becaus...
  • News: Oppo Brothers Donates 2,500 Tubs Of Ice Cream This Christmas

    This December, we're proud to have donated 2,500 tubs of our brand new Cookies & Cream ice cream to some incredible organisations across the UK to help brighten days and lift spirits over the festive season.  Click to read more!
  • News: Gestational Diabetes Diet With Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

    If you’ve just discovered you’ve got gestational diabetes and are looking for more information we’ve got everything you need for sweet treats, snacks and desserts right here.

  • News: Keto Diet Plan With Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

    One of the most common questions we receive… “is Oppo Brothers ice cream suitable for a keto diet plan?” Click here to hear our thoughts on all things keto.
  • News: As One Door Closes, Another Opens...

    Dear Oppo Community We launched ‘Oppo Delivered’ at the start of the pandemic last April when we were all having to queue outside supermarkets, peo...
  • News: Give The Gift Of Ice Cream With Oppo Brothers

    With Christmas just around the corner it’s that time of year again where we have to start thinking about what gifts to buy loved ones.  This year i...
  • News: Oppo Brothers Brand New Manifesto

    We are proud to announce that today we are launching our new manifesto which formalises our commitment to changing the way people eat.   So far, s...