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  • Recipe: Healthy(ish) Chickpea Coffee Blondies - Two Chimps Coffee x Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

    Warm, butterscotch-like blondies with a kick of caffeine? Yes please! Top your healthy(ish) chickpea coffee blondies with a big scoop of Oppo Brothers Double Salted Caramel Swirl ice cream and dive into sweet heaven! Click for the recipe!
  • Recipe: Quick & Easy Strawberry Trifles With Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

    It's summer and prime ice cream season hooray (although we love to enjoy ice cream all year round of course)! If you have an upcoming celebration, garden party, dinner party or a good old British BBQ why not serve up these quick and super easy Strawberry Trifles served with your favourite flavour of Oppo Brothers Ice Cream to elevate the feel good! Sound good? Then click for more!
  • Recipe: Raspberry & Rose Brownies With Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

    As flowers continue to bloom and Easter on its way, why not add a little floral touch alongside our Double Chocolate Brownie ice cream to these mouth-wateringly gooey raspberry & rose chocolate brownies to serve on Easter Sunday? You'll be guaranteed a crackin' day! Click for the recipe!
  • Recipe: Protein Crêpes With Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

    Ever thought about serving crêpes with scoops of our Cookies & Cream ice cream? We can confirm, it's the flipping best! Level up your Pancake Day this year and give these easy-to-make, gluten-free protein crêpes a go. Click for the recipe!
  • Recipe: Chocolate Brownie Cups With Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

    Calling all chocoholics! Enjoy moments of luxury with these easy-to-make, gluten-free Chocolate Brownie Cups featuring our Double Chocolate Brownie ice cream. Double the chocolate. Double the brownie. Double the feel good indulgence. Click for the recipe!
  • Recipe: Winter Forest Ice Cream Cake With Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

    This Double Chocolate Brownie Winter Forest ice cream cake is sure to turn heads and create lots of 'ooooooos' & 'ahhhhhhs' as you unveil it at the dining table for dessert this Winter.  Certainly not one to miss this festive season! Click for more!
  • Recipe: Toasted Meringue Oppo Brothers Ice Cream Sticks

    Add a festive twist to your Belgian Chocolate Salted Caramel Sticks (or any flavoured Oppo Brothers ice cream stick) with a sweet and light meringue topping. So simple yet so delicious, just make sure you remember to snap a shot for Instagram before tucking in!  Click for the recipe!
  • Recipe: Double Chocolate Brownie S'mores With Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

    We’ve created an udderly delicious recipe with a guarantee you'll be wanting more... say hello to our Double Chocolate Brownie ice cream s'mores
  • Recipe: Spiced Apple Pie Bars With Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

    We’ve created a delicious flourless recipe that fits in with these crisp Autumnal days that have just begun!  Enjoy one (or two... or three) Spiced Apple Pie Bars with our scrumdiddlyumptious Caramel Cookie ice cream!
  • Recipe: Cookies & Cream Bars With Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

    Gluten-free and easy-to-make, these ice cream bars are perfect to enjoy as a mid-afternoon snack to help power through those remaining end-of-day Zoom calls!
  • Recipe: Easy To Make Choc Shake With Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

    CHOC SHAKE | RECIPES | OPPO BROTHERS We have an easy to make Oppo Choc Shake to share with you! Simply blitz the ingredients below together in a bl...
  • Recipe: Raspberry & Vanilla Bars With Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

    Raspberry & Vanilla Ice Cream Bars | Recipes | Oppo Brothers We’ve created a delicious recipe to control portion size and make it handy to enjo...