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Our Product Principles

Oppo is temptation you never need to resist. We are on a mission to create the world's best ice cream and desserts. Here are the seven principles we live by to do that.

1.   Maximum Indulgence

It’s not enough just to make things healthier. We want to create the best possible taste. The flavour profile, the balance and the texture all have to hit the highest standard possible. Our mission is always to surpass even traditional high sugar and high calorie ice cream and desserts.

2.   Minimum Sugar

For Oppo, low sugar content is the most important health marker. We avoid artificial sweeteners too. Instead we use natural sweeteners and natural fibres to reduce sugar without impacting on health or sustainability. We aim to only use natural sugars or juice concentrates in very small quantities, to ensure that the overall taste is perfect.

3.   No unneeded calories

We keep calories to the lowest level possible while using ingredients we can be proud of and ensuring that taste is as good as it can be. Enough said.

4.   All natural ingredients

Nature has the best track-record of making great tasting yet healthy ingredients. All our ingredients are derived from natural sources.

5.   Less Fat

Fat isn’t a bad thing and it makes food taste great. But it’s the most calorie-dense nutrient. So we just use small amounts of good fat, like our wild-harvested cold-pressed virgin coconut oil from Ghana.

6.   Plenty of Protein

Protein helps with flavour, body and satiety, so we enhance the natural protein levels of our recipes where possible.

7.   Smart Ingredients

We’re a food tech brand and select natural ingredients that will enhance taste while improving health. For example: instead of caramel, we use lucuma, a fruit that tastes like caramel without the sugar. Good Temptation means pushing that bit further and looking that bit harder to find the perfect blend of good taste and ingredients we can be proud of.